Tom is my husband. Above is one of my favorite pictures of us from our wedding day. We both look pretty happy, I think.

We met at a college party through mutual friends. Friends who were taking bets on how long our relationship would last. (Are you reading this? You know who you are! :P) Tom was my suitemate’s neighbors’ friend’s friend from high school.

Tom and I began dating in 2009. We got engaged in 2010 and married in 2012. He majored in Psychology at the university we both attended and graduated exactly 75 seconds after me. Ok, maybe not exactly, but he was right behind me in line. We had our first child in 2014.

We’re both Catholic, both love music, and we both have parents who are still married and one younger sibling. His favorite band is Pearl Jam and we saw them live in concert in Seattle in September 2009.

He is the most amazing man I have ever known. I love him to pieces. He gets his own page because he is my partner in life, the father of my daughter, and most likely my most adamant reader.


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