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“The Bell Jar” is a book by Sylvia Plath about a girl named Esther who has a nervous breakdown. She has trouble coping with the changes in her life and her environment. I chose to borrow this title for my blog because the blog is about struggling with the changes in my life. My “Bell Jar” is my impending adulthood, and I am “breaking out” of it by embracing the things I want to do before I grow up.

This blog was inspired by my friend Marci, who had the courage to go out and do the things she wanted to do before she grew up. They say it’s never too late, but I don”t want to take that chance. So, this blog details my adventures in reconnecting with my childhood dreams.

This blog was originally going to be about the tension between growing up and still preserving childhood dreams and enjoying childish pastimes. I’ve since gotten pregnant, and the blog has become very much about that. I’ve also begun to write more on my musings and less about my outfits, photography, attempts to learn violin, etc. I have a very short attention span and the fact that this blog is going on two years old is a VERY big thing to me. It has evolved and changed as my life has changed. Despite the fact that I am going to be a mother, I still feel that I am not a “grown-up.” I struggle against that every day. But I have adult responsibilities. My child is how I have managed to break out of my “Bell Jar”. She is my youth and because of her, I get to get excited about Santa, play with toys, go on the swings, and see every ounce of potential in me develop into something amazing. It sounds like I plan to live vicariously through my daughter, but I prefer to think of it as doing what I really want to do: nurture the childhood of someone else and watch them grow into whatever they want to be.

2 responses to “About The Blog

  • Marci

    I’m excited to read this! It’s going to be awesome. And, also, selfishly, I hope I get to tag along to some of these adventures!

    • mrsalicia

      Well, tonight and tomorrow will be featured in their own post. I also want to start dabbling more in photography. Hoping to have a lot of posts about that. And maybe recordings of me working back up to my former proficiency in music.

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