One Week Old

You just don’t know funny until you hear your husband arguing with your newborn about feeding. I’m sitting over here devouring my birth board, minding my own business, and I hear “open your mouth. Damn it, OPEN. YOUR. MOUTH.” I look over and he says “she’s pretending to sleep!” Then he says to her “I’m going to change your diaper JUST TO PISS YOU OFF.” She’s currently wearing a Zelda onesie that I purchased as a nod to my husband’s nerd obsession. She’s just too cute.


He’s also sitting there scheming with her about movies they’ll watch to piss me off. Like that stupid ninja movie. But these frustrations are easily forgotten.

This morning, Miss Charlotte decided that she needed to eat an hour earlier than normal, and the 60ml that she normally drinks was just not enough. This meant that Tom and I could not sleep because she would fuss every few minutes. This was at about 3am. Then again at 5am. Then at 7am. We managed to get some sleep between 8-9am, which is unheard of for me. (I’m an “up-by-7am” kind of person.) And her fussing turned to tearless crying, which turned to screaming to where her whole little body was bright red. I mean, talk about over-reacting!!! This is one of the downsides of bottle-feeding: it takes time to heat the bottle up. But feeding directly from the breast isn’t really in the cards for us, so we just have to put up with the blood-curdling screams of a week-old infant. I gotta say, it doesn’t hurt my heart as much as it hurts my ears.

But when Charlotte just wants to be held, the second her head is on my chest and my arms are around her, she calms right down. She has a tendency to roll her head around and throw it at things. Like my chest or chin or the couch behind me or back behind her. It’s funny and really cute. She also opens her mouth in an “O” shape and her eyes get really wide. She purses her lips. She opens one eye ever-so-slightly and looks up at you like she’s suspicious. She also gives the best “WTF” look I have ever seen. And, of course, she grins when she poops. It’s impossible to be more than slightly frustrated with her when she’s just so dang adorable. I know that getting frustrated myself can upset the baby. Something about babies sensing the emotions of their parents. So I make sure to keep myself calm and “shhhh” her and sing to her. She seems to like “Kiss the Girl” from The Little Mermaid. Which is funny because Tom will do the “whoa whoa” and “yah yah yah” parts in the background as obnoxiously as possible. And we laugh when Charlotte appropriately pulls a “WTF” face on us.

Another one of my joys is putting adorable clothing on her. Not the actual process because, my God the lungs on this child. But taking pictures of her in little dresses and such? Yeah, that is one of my favorite things.



My baby is so cute! We haven’t even cracked half of the outfits we have for her. We received a lot of them at our baby shower and over the months after we found out she was a little girl. She may grow up to be a tomboy, which would be totally fine, but I am taking full advantage of putting girly clothes on her while I can. And NO ONE CAN STOP ME, MWAHAHAHAHA.

She’s currently sleeping in her swing. Her Daddy and I are both on our laptops, taking some time to breathe for ourselves. We just finished my homemade jambalaya (Paul Prudhomme’s recepie. My dad always used this particular one.) I cooked a meal only one week after labor. Yes, I feel like Superwoman. Tom took pity on me and chopped the onions, celery, and cut up the chicken pieces for me. He also cleaned the pot after I boiled the chicken. I did all the rest myself. It was about a 2 hour process, including prep. Much easier than gumbo, which requires a roux. Jambalaya does not. It tastes especially wonderful with chocolate milk. I highly recommend it. 🙂 People tell you to sleep when the baby sleeps. I must have heard that piece of advice dozens of times. I saw a meme on my birth board yesterday that said “Oh yeah? Am I supposed to clean when the baby cleans and cook when the baby cooks, too?” After a tough early morning, Tom and I both kicked into high gear today and tidied up the house a bit. I cleaned her bedroom and organized it a bit more (it looked like the baby tornado tore through it) and Tom did the laundry. Tom also did dishes and I cleaned the area around my spot on the couch. It doesn’t sound like much, but this was pre-coffee. I think that says something, haha.

So, at a week old, I still love her. Even though she’s having her moments of driving us CRAZY.

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