This is the phase where a mother (and father, sometimes) start the process of preparing the home for their baby. Tom and I rent a 3-bedroom house and it’s just not big enough. We began to clean out what was always going to be the baby’s room over the weekend to find that we have a bunch of crap in the attic, in the two hallway closets, in the guest room closet, and ESPECIALLY in the guest bedroom. And the shed outside. The guest bedroom closet could probably fit an entire basketball team comfortably (junior high/middle school team. It’s tall but it’s not THAT tall.)

The baby’s room smelled like oil paints and workout gear. (Guess what we were using it for?) So we aired it out a bit and now it smells like… well, Febreeze. It is now empty of oil paints and workout gear (oh no, now I gave the answer away!) and filled with three giant boxes of to-be-assembled baby stuff, two blankets, one onesie my mom had lying around, a stuffed animal, and a baby book. I want to paint the whole thing lavender and mint green for a girl and light blue and medium green for a boy. But we’re renting and cannot paint. So I’ve decided that we need curtains. And paintings/pictures on the wall. And craft projects! And colorful wood letters spelling out the baby’s name. And wall stickies. You know, pretty much anything and everything temporary and moveable. My beloved husband thinks I’m nuts. And that’s ok!

Tomorrow I will be 16 weeks along. Two more weeks until our next doctor’s visit and 4 more til we potentially find out the sex of the baby. It’ll be a whole anatomy scan, to see if everything’s developing well. But the sex is the important thing to find out! ‘Cause I FRIGGIN WANT TO KNOW ALREADY. Gawl!

At the next doctor’s visit, we’ll be doing a quad screen to test for different genetic defects like Down Syndrome and spina bifida. So they’ll be taking my blood. Again. Maybe do a glucose screening too, to check for gestational diabetes? No idea. I basically just make the appointments when they tell me to and wonder if they’re going to break out that ultrasound machine.

Since entering the second trimester, I’ve been a bit more emotional. It’s like being off my mood stabilizers without the mania. Or the depression lasting longer than it takes for Tom to get back from the grocery store with fried chicken and candy. And hey, if that’s all it takes to make me feel better, why not? He’s been an excellent partner. Doing everything he can to help keep my crazy at bay and be there for me in any way he can. He comes to every doctor’s appointment and shares in my excitement and anxiety. We’ve been arguing a lot more lately than usual. We’ve had two arguments this month! And it wasn’t all because of my crazy! At least, the most recent one wasn’t, I don’t care WHAT Tom says. They lasted about 3 hours each, which is about 21 hours shorter than usual. We just don’t really argue at all. So, the baby’s been in a pretty stress-free environment.

As for work, my bosses are taking great delight in exploiting my hormones. “Alicia, call this client up and be really angry. We’ll blame it on your hormones later.” Ha ha guys. Cute. Really. (Actually, I love the attention. I just dread when I get super huge and one of my bosses starts dropping things I need on the floor just to encumber me with the task of picking it up.) And as for “fat”, I’ve only gained 6.5 pounds! And about 3 of those pounds are probably in my boobs. But I’m definitely showing. I look like I’m just “fat” right now, which is ok because I know it’s a baby. But I can hardly wait for my bump to be a little rounder. The fact that it comes with a waddle and my boss tormenting me is a bit of a drawback, but I’ll live. I’m planning on bursting randomly into tears, blaming it on hormones, and then laughing malevolently behind his back once I have achieved the correct amount of guilt from him.

And so it is that my pregnancy continues, mostly uneventful. Thank goodness for that.

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