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8 weeks, 2 days

I no longer miss alcohol or smoking. In fact, I rarely even think about either of them anymore. I miss coffee, which I cannot even have one cup of anymore due to the fact that it is one of my nausea triggers. I have found sugar to be an excellent substitute for wine. It makes me loopy and hyper in large doses and then I pass out. Best part? No hangover. Sweet!

Tom has been a wonderful partner so far. He doesn’t mind getting me the food items I crave, he doesn’t mind that I pass out at 9pm every night. He laughs when I say crazy stuff in my sleep. He keeps telling me I’m beautiful and he’s proud of me and can’t wait to meet our baby. He hasn’t been PERFECT. Once he woke me up for a nap, and then another time he got on my butt about my diet. But that’s pretty much it. He calms me down when I get irrational or scared that there’s something wrong with the baby. We have a little fewer than 32 more weeks of this. I really hope he’s up to it! 🙂

As I may have mentioned before, my friends and family are being so loving and supportive. My mom is already buying me maternity clothes and little baby items. Tom’s mother made a burping blanket with little green frogs and pink hearts on it. Friends are asking me how I feel and actively following my progress. Tom’s sister said she can’t wait to be an aunt. My brother said he can’t wait to be an uncle. My bestest friend offered to throw me a baby shower already. And a loooooong time ago offered to do our pregnancy and newborn photos. Another friend tells me she loves me and my “little (whatever pea/bean/fruit the baby size is this week)” all the time.

One big surprise is my bosses. I had to tell them because I had to ask a bunch of maternity leave questions (which is going to work out well, I think!). As I may have mentioned before, they’re both men. Neither of them has any children of their own. Neither of them has ever had a pregnant employee (at least, not one working directly for them). One boss is always looking out for me, offering to get me Sprite, asking how I feel, buying me sandwiches. And the other one found out about my coffee aversion and keeps wafting the smell of his coffee at me. Yesterday he also made vomiting noises at me after he found out I’d ducked into the bathroom to throw up. Good-natured teasing. I feel it’s a great environment for me, actually. I get to be sick without being embarrassed and get to laugh about it afterward. In truth, I think they’re both excited. They both really love kids. They keep joking about putting a nursery up in one of the empty offices. I think they know this baby is going to be a semi-regular visitor to the office. Like when Tom has the day off and will stay home with the baby and come to pick me up for lunch. It will be so precious. ARGH I can’t wait to have the baby!


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