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Pregnancy – What I Thought vs. What I Got

My mom was one of those lucky biznatches who never got morning sickness. She’d gag a little when brushing her teeth, that’s all. I hoped I’d be like that, too. Since I didn’t really have morning sickness the (almost) four weeks after conception, I thought I’d be lucky like that, too. Then I woke up this morning.

I was so nauseas waking up. I was nauseas brushing my teeth. I was nauseas drinking my allotted coffee. Getting in the car for Tom to drop me off for work. Walking in the door to the office. Using the bathroom. Drinking water. Taking my vitamin and my mood stabilizer. Sitting in my chair. Answering the phone. I eventually wound up losing the battle to the nausea. I have never felt that crappy in my whole life. And I have been SERIOUSLY hungover in my lifetime (once or twice). I’ve been awake for 13 hours and it hasn’t gone away yet. It’s let up a little here and there, but UGH.

Still, I am loving being pregnant. I thought I’d be incredibly distracted every waking moment of the day thinking about the baby. I sometimes forget I’m pregnant when I’m at work because I have to answer questions and stuff, but it’s always on my mind when I’m relaxing or just not working. And Tom and I love to talk about what we want to do, what we’re most looking forward to, what life is going to be like, what the baby will be like. I can’t believe I get to have this experience and that I get to share it with such a wonderful husband. I’m a lucky, lucky girl.


I haven’t been by lately. I have an excuse. And it’s a good one, too.

I just found out that I’m pregnant! Tom and I have been trying for 5 months. I was doing all the reading you’re supposed to do, trying to get healthy, buying ovulation tests and pregnancy tests. You know what I found out? I should have tried to get knocked up in High School if I wanted to pass that stupid Biology test! (Sooooo just a joke). I’ve been wanting to go over the technical stuff in my experience but I didn’t want everyone to know we were trying. So, here’s my story!

During the month of June, I decided to start “charting” my basal body temperature (BBT). This is the temperature of your body after at least 3 hours of sleep and no movement before testing. Most women have a biphasic cycle. The first half is before ovulation, where it’s all crazy and all over the place. Confusing, but mostly irrelevant. The day you ovulate, your temperature will be low. Mine was 97.3. The day after ovulation, the temperature would be significantly higher. I’ve read .2 degrees higher, .3, .5… but then it has to stay at least that high for 3 consecutive days. And that’s how you’ll know if you ovulated. And I pinpointed my own ovulation!!! However, It works not a whit if you need to predict ovulation. That’s where the ovulation tests (OPKs) come in.

I discovered ClearBlue Easy Digital OPK test strips. They were a Godsend If you’ve ever used OPKs to try to get pregnant, you understand the frustration. Like with pregnancy tests, it’s two lines. One is a control line and the other is the test line. Unlike pregnancy tests which pick up HCG, OPKs pick up Lutenizing Hormone (LH). And LH is often in the system. So an ovulation test is supposed to tell you when LH surges. LH surges when the follicle is about to burst and release the egg, usually within 24-48 hours prior. Well, because LH is almost always in the system, there are always two little lines on the test strip. The test line has to be AS DARK AS OR DARKER THAN the control line. With pregnancy tests, if there’s a second line, you’re knocked up. SO! The digitals. Smiley face for surge, empty circle.

Prior to ovulation, I had an idea it was going to happen.

After you’ve ovulated, you go through what is called the luteal phase. It’s when the fertilized egg travels down the fallopian tube to implant in the uterus. After this phase comes your period. This phase is normally between 14 and 10 days. Any fewer than 10 days, you’ve got a fertility problem called a luteal phase defect. That means your uterine lining sheds before the egg has a chance to attach to the side of the uterus. There are tons of vitamins and minerals and natural things you can do to lengthen this phase, so it’s not a MAJOR fertility issue. There are also things you can do to improve chances of implantation, like eating pineapple core.

I ovulated 13 days before my period was due. This meant I had 13 days for the egg to implant and for me to get pregnant. And, success!

The baby is due approximately March 14. My husband and I are very happy and have a lot of support from family and friends. 🙂

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