Christmas Decorations!

Mr. S and I are on a budget. So when I suggested shopping for Christmas decorations, naturally, we wound up at Wal-Mart. Ick. But we got a tree, some ornaments, wrapping paper, gift boxes, wall clings, window clings, a candle (smells just like Evergreen trees!) and probably some more stuff that I don’t remember for the low, low price of $85.

Being Catholic, Christmas means a lot of fun, but also a 2-hour mass one must attend if one is a C&E Catholic. (I’m not, but it’s important to Mr. S’s mother that we attend with her this year.) So, celebrating the birth of Christ is a big to-do. Lots of presents, caroling, hot chocolate, and a large amount of cheer. Sounds a lot like an athiest Christmas, right? But then there’s MASS.

Anyway, I have taken some really, really, really crappy photos of what Mr. S and I did for our little house. See below.


Please note, this are not supposed to be photography. They are just to show how cute our little living room looks. Why do we have two trees, you ask? Funny story. I told Mr. S that, now that we have a bigger place, I wanted a bigger tree. Naturally, after much time of one trying to convince the other, Mr. S realized his efforts were for naught. Tah-dah! New tree. However, we apparently had too many ornaments. Mr. S insisted that if we put more on the tree, then it would look cluttered. I protested, saying we bought these ornaments and they deserved to be on the tree. Otherwise, their feelings might be hurt. He said “well, what about the small tree?” My response? “Absolutely not!” He threw back the whole sentimental “hurt feelings” thing at me. So, with a heavy sigh, I allowed him to dredge out the old tree. He complained about how we’d taped the box shut. With Gorilla tape. I reminded him that we’d moved the darn thing all the way down here in April, so he should just get over it. The box would never have closed without the tape, anyway.

Sounds like we argue a lot. I want to put that illusion to rest. We argue ALL. THE. TIME. Constantly. It’s the way we show our love. We bicker over silly stuff and oppose each other on every step. The unimportant ones, that is. When it comes to Med School, moving, how to spend money, what to do about our cars, etc. we get along quite well. So! We decorated the smaller tree (disagreeing half the time as to where to put the darn thing) and it looked  a bit sparse. As we were cleaning up, I found the teeny little red ornaments that you can’t see on the smaller tree. And now it’s just lovely.

You may remember that for Halloween, we had bats on the wall. Now it’s snowflakes! We have our stockings hanging over the entryway into/from the kitchen from/into the living room. Mr. S’s lovely head is in some of the photos. Despite my having asked him to move. Sigh.

Also, we have gel clings on the windows. But God forbid those pictures turn out nicely, even from the outside. Can’t win them all.

Finally, we have a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Mr. S is very into Charlie Brown. We have all the holiday specials, he has a key chain and some stuffed animals, and we have Charlie Brown coffee mugs. When we saw this tree in Fred Meyer last year, we had to get it. It plays “Linus and Lucy” when you push a button on the little wooden stand. I feel it should play “Oh Christmas Tree,” but I guess “Linus and Lucy” is well enough. The little red ornament it came with, sadly, shattered into teensy bits during the move. So we put one of our fancier red ornaments on it.


Today, Mr. S and I have been married for three months. We plan on dressing up all fancy to go to a chain-restaurant semi-expensive burger joint for food and drinks, then to a kids’ movie. Living the high life, people! I shall be doing a little guest-posting on another blog. With the permission of those folks, I may be linking to that blog. If not, then I apologize, but my faithful readers will have to make it through a day without my posting. ‘Til next time!

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  • Marci

    Yeah you can totally link up to our blog. You can even do it by putting our button in the post where you say you’re guest posting 🙂

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