God Bless The Internet

Suffice it to say, I had no idea how complicated it would be to learn the violin. I thought, “oh, you just hold the strings down in the right place and draw a bow across the strings. The hard part will be learning where to put my fingers, how to do the vibrato,” blah blah blah stupid prattle. WELL.

I learned that numbers of fingers on the string actually contribute to the changing of the note. Did not think that would be the case. Makes sense, though. And is probably easier than searching for the exact sweet spot on the neck to hit the note. Frets make life so much easier. But NO. Classical instruments have to be a pain in the butt. It’s the rule.

I also learned that trying to play the violin correctly for the first few times requires a tuner, a lot of patience, and a decent bottle of wine afterwards. Per person.

Struggling with my many setbacks combined with a rare urge to continue pursuing something difficult. So I Googled. “How do you put the shoulder rest on?” “Why am I hitting the wrong strings?” “How do I tighten my bow?” “How do I hold the bow?” “Why, God, didn’t you make this easier?” (Ok, that one couldn’t be answered by Google… unless I was searching for funny memes to cheer me up. In which case, total success.)

I am thankful for the internet. And for the people who have been offering advice and support. Thank you guys!

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I am a Paralegal at a small criminal defense and personal injury firm in my small town. I graduated from Western Washington University with a BA in Political Science and Philosophy. I have my Paralegal Certificate, as well. I write a blog in my spare time. I am married to a wonderful man and recently gave birth to a beautiful little girl. View all posts by mrsalicia

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