And the Adventure Begins

I have to say, I was extremely nervous walking into the music shop today. The only times I have ever bought instruments (and by this I mean my parents purchased them) was for school or for someone else.

When I was about to go into 4th grade, my parents bought me a beginner saxophone, a Bundy II from the Selmer company. We were looking at ads for them. Not sure if these ads were in a newspaper or what, because internet had only just become active. (That makes me feel so old.) But I wasn’t much involved in that process.

The second time, I’m pretty sure we bought online. An intermediate saxophone when I was in 7th grade. Intermediate saxophone means there is an extra key, a high-F, I think. A beautiful Yamaha. Again, not so sure about it the process.

The third time was buying a bass guitar for my dad. My mom wanted to surprise him for his birthday. It was a gorgeous red Epiphone and it came with a nice amp. My dad was always a Gibson man as opposed to Fender, and Epiphone is the generic version of Gibson. He was pretty happy. And I picked the darn thing out, so I felt pretty good about it. Other than that… nothing.

So, Mr. S and I strolled into the Hugo Helmer Music Shop. The salesman brought out two beautiful used violins that we are now renting to own. See pictured below:


The amount of money we’re paying for these per month is enough money to give to the Christian feed-African-kids fund (Christian Fund?) per month. Guilt trip, much?

The first one is Mr. S’s. It’s supposed to be nicer, more expensive. The second one is mine and I chose it because it’s a prettier, darker color. Silly, I know. But it was my choice, so there.

Mr. S is definitely catching on faster than I am. It’s quite a blow to my ego. I am, after all, the musically talented one. So I thought. But I love him so I’ll forgive him.

I’m having trouble getting the right strings. I mean, I intuitively know how to tune the darn thing. I was good at that. But when it comes to running the bow over the D-string, I just cannot seem to avoid the G-string. (Ok, giggle. But let’s move on.)

Also, my hand, after only 30 minutes of messing around, feels like a darn claw. And the chin rest really hurts my shoulder. And I can’t figure out how to get the darn shoulder thingy on there.

But, enough whining. I’m actually enjoying the process. I wasn’t this slow at picking up saxophone. (I know, I know. It’s only been thirty minutes of playing around.) I’m still excited to learn it. We were able to tune the violins up enough that we didn’t sound like dying cats when we managed to play the same strings at the same time. Win!

And here are pictures of us posing as if we’re actually playing the violins.


Wish us luck!

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