Of Coats and Kittens

Well, Halloween is next Wednesday. It’s getting colder outside and I’m driving to work in the dark every morning. Granted, it’s literally a 3-minute drive, but my statement is still nonetheless valid.

Mr. S and I went shopping last weekend, as you know, and I purchased this awesome new coat at Ross!

I told you I would show you a picture. This coat is wool, obviously. And it is the warmest coat I have ever worn. I love it so much, I even deign to wear it to work. 😛

Next, of kittens! This is the first time I have ever had a cat outside of my family home. I’ve been living semi-independantly for 3 years now, and this is the first place where we’ve been allowed to have kittens. Her name is Molly Mae and she is absolutely adorable. She has been getting into the Halloween spirit herself. As you can see by the following photos:


Mr. S and I purchased this cauldron to put candy into for trick-or-treaters. Molly, being the little deviant that she is, can’t resist getting into everything. So, it was really just a matter of time before she climbed into this thing.

I know the photos aren’t so great, but they aren’t examples of “photography” for me. They’re just to show how cute my jacket is and how ADORABLE my little Molly is.

Mr. S and I shall be attending Halloween parties this weekend. Be ready to see pictures of other costumes!

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I am a Paralegal at a small criminal defense and personal injury firm in my small town. I graduated from Western Washington University with a BA in Political Science and Philosophy. I have my Paralegal Certificate, as well. I write a blog in my spare time. I am married to a wonderful man and recently gave birth to a beautiful little girl. View all posts by mrsalicia

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