Finally – Photography!

I’m so excited! My Nikon D40 battery was charged today, I stuck it in my camera, and went outside to my front yard. We’re renting a small house and our landlord was incredibly dedicated to sprucing the place up. Now, I would much rather take pictures of the fall leaves, but there are no trees within a quarter of a mile. After a long day of work, I didn’t much feel like driving out there or walking. So I took pictures of hydrangea and spray rose vines in the flower bed just outside our front windows. I hope you enjoy the photos!













Ok, I know there’s a lot of them. But I took WAY more. These are just my favorites. I mostly let the camera decide the ISO settings and sometimes even the focusing. I never once messed with the shutter speed. I didn’t really like anything I did to the ISO settings that the automatic camera didn’t do better. I definitely need some practice.

Finally, my husband has decided that he wants to write a story. We were discussing some philosophy he was waxing on, and I said “you love to write, you should write a story about that!” And so he’s working on it. That made me realize how much I would love it if the two of us could just write for a living. I have this romantic idea of us sitting on our couches with our laptops in our laps, tapping away on the keyboard. (I love the sound of the keys clicking.) Then we’d go run errands, pick the kids up after school, I’d cook dinner, and we’d both be so happy. We both love writing so much. We used to write poems for each other whenever inspiration struck. Maybe I’ll share some of them later…

Thanks for reading!

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